Optometric Technician AnnMarie using her hands to widen her eye to show to a female patient how to properly put in contacts.

Contact Lenses

There are many different types of contact lenses available, and many patients who have not been able to wear lenses successfully in the past now have new options. Choosing the right contact lenses will depend on your vision and your lifestyle.  

Dr. Zervas uses the most advanced contact lens technology available to fit patients who wear bifocals, have astigmatism, or desire an eye color change. Your contact lens fitting can usually be done during your general eye examination, and the amount of training and follow-up you need will vary depending on whether or not you have worn lenses before or are trying a new type of lens.

For your convenience, once we have completed your prescription and selected a lens-type, you can also order your lenses online and have them sent to our office or directly to your home.

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Soft Contact Lenses
Soft contact lenses are the most popular because of their extreme comfort and menu of options from multi-focal, to astigmatism, to daily wear and overnight wear.

  • Daily Wear: can be worn up to 14 hours but must be removed and cleaned at night.
  • Extended Wear: can be worn overnight.
  • Disposable: can be worn for just one day, then discarded.
  • Color-Changing: can change the color of your eyes, even if vision correction is not needed.

Hard Contact Lenses
Sometimes called rigid or gas-permeable lenses, hard contact lenses can often provide sharper vision and help with severe nearsightedness or astigmatism.  Our expertise ensures that your lenses are fitted correctly based on your prescription, eye shape and specific needs.

Note: Contact lenses are medical devices and your eye health will need to be monitored regularly.

American Optometric Association Guidelines

Order Your Lenses

Once your prescription is complete and you select the type of lens that is right for you, we can order your lenses and for the ultimate in convenience, lenses may be delivered to our office or your home. Please note that our prices are comparable to many large vendors/online retailers.

Email us at info@familyeyecare.com or call 860.584.5528.

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